riot:matrix [always-on]
20.05—23.05, 24h
by AMRO20

Various chatrooms on the matrix server to hang out in. [2380 min.]

amroclub [always-on]
20.05—23.05, 24h
by Sai Bao & Yang Mu feat. Davide Bevilacqua

Come to the AMRO Club to chill out and meet other festival participants. [2380 min.]
>> Free beers and Mojitos <<

oneminuteroom [time-sensitive]
20.05—23.05, @20:20
by bb15 feat. gg

A TEXT-SCORE open for collaboration, to be performed at bb15 in Linz, Austria at 20:20, from 20.05—23.05. Each action is recorded and played back the next day, by the sound installation "Minute/Year" by Kata Kovács and Tom O’Doherty. [4 min.]

waterlilytea [time-sensitive]
21.05, Thu @17:00
by Nikola Brabcova, Michal Klodner

Preparing tea, connecting sensor data and images of local nature to media space. [90 min.]

iama [time-sensitive]
22.05, Fri @16:00
by Onur Olgaç

IAMA: Daily Linux/macOS/Windows User, Ask Me Anything! Link & details TBA. [90 min.]

picsordidnthappen [always-on]
20.05—23.05, 24h
by You

Pics or didn't happen! Feel free to upload your AMRO20 impressions in this folder. [2380 min.]

voiceofconduct [always-on]
20.05—23.05, 24h
by Rita Graça, Artemis Gryllaki

A collection of vocal exercises that explore the frustrations, emotions and tensions behind Codes of Conduct. We invite you to initiate conversations around these questions by writing your comments and thoughts. [2380 min.]

proofofconsensus [always-on]
20.05—23.05, 24h
by Mario Romera

Tetris playground to explore words, concepts or ideas. Upload texts to read them in a new way. [2380 min.]

vroom & vroomvr [always-on]
20.05—23.05, 24h
by Echoraeume feat. Michael Aschauer

Growing out of the constraints on communication during the Corona crisis, the limits of existing tools and a collaboration with the cultural initiative Echoraeume, Michael Aschauer started creating and coding new experimental (video) chat spaces. [2380 min.]

amroclinic [always-on]
20.05—23.05, 24h
by Onur Olgaç feat. Community

The AMRO Clinic is an always-on event throughout the festival. Link & details TBA. [2380 min.]